We are a USA Cycling affiliated club focused on helping new riders learn to race and emphasizing fun.

Our underlying mission is to promote development in new and younger riders. QCW Cycling utilizes the combined skills and resources of our members to cultivate the character-building traits necessary to succeed in competitive cycling.

Membership is open to male and female riders of all racing categories and age groups.

Whether members are elite racers with years of experience or beginners enthusiastic about a new sport, QCW Cycling provides resources to help its riders grow, compete, and win.

Our men’s and women’s squads are constantly on the lookout for new riders interested in improving their fitness and their results. As a result, we have strong riders in all categories and age groups. We foster growth through frequent workouts, rides, and on-bike seminars for members who are encouraged by our more experienced riders.

QCW Cycling also has the strongest state-level crew of Cat 1/2 riders. QCW racers made up half of the top ten in the PA BAR (Best All-around Rider) elite competition. We start next year with an amazing squad of riders, nearly all of whom started their racing careers with us. We are looking to step up to bigger and better results on the regional race calendar, and would love your support.

QCW is proud of its Junior Mentoring Initiative which partners Philadelphia teens with mentors from the club. The JMI aims to impress character-building traits like responsibility and commitment in these young riders through the sport of cycling. Our juniors made tremendous strides this year, with a number of top tens as well as a third place finish in the Category 5 PA State Road Race.

Join in on the fun!

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