Our Club

QCW Cycling is a USA Cycling affiliated club focused on helping new riders learn to race and emphasizing fun throughout the entire experience. QCW Membership is open to riders of all racing categories, gender, and age groups.

Our underlying mission is to promote confidence and skill development in new and younger riders. QCW Cycling utilizes our members’ combined skills and resources to cultivate the character-building traits necessary to succeed in competitive cycling. Our club takes racing very seriously but places camaraderie above all else.  On and off our bikes, we are friends who enjoy spending time together and welcome new faces, whether it be at the start line of races, on organized group rides, or at our club outings. Whether members are elite racers with years of experience or beginners enthusiastic about a new sport, QCW Cycling provides resources to help its riders grow, compete, and reach their goals.

Our men’s and women’s squads are constantly looking for new riders interested in improving their fitness and results. As a result, we have strong riders in all categories and age groups. We foster growth through frequent workouts, rides, and on-bike seminars for members who are encouraged by our more experienced riders.

QCW Cycling is the largest dedicated cycling club in the area, with annual membership well exceeding 100+ members. As a result, just about anything that happens on a bike in the region includes a QCW member either taking part or being involved in the organization. We have a very flexible membership structure, allowing members to come or go as they please with no minimum commitments for general membership. However, many members find themselves accruing a long tenure with the club due to the relationships they build within the team.

A note on junior membership. QCW Cycling is not a juniors-only cycling team. However, we have many experienced riders passionate about mentoring and giving back to the community they love. In addition, we have developed policies specific to provide additional support for our junior and collegiate team members. Over the years, we have found that some junior riders may prefer to affiliate with junior-only teams, while others may flourish in an environment with a wider range of experience. As a result, please contact our Board of Directors if you would like to discuss a junior membership. We do have members and typically at least one Board member who is certified Safe Sport compliant through the program with USA Cycling.

Join in on the fun and become a part of QCW Cycling!